Compliments which will get him addicted to you

All of us love being complimented, and guys are no different. If you ever notice how some women have their men eating out of the palm of their hands, then it is all because of the compliments they feed their guys. By doing this, you are not just flattering the guy for no reason. Every compliment you give has a reason behind it, and it will make your relationship stronger.

Men try so hard to impress women, but they will never tell you that. They wear the best cologne, buy a new suit, start a new business and also run that extra mile just to get into good shape. It may seem like they are doing all this for themselves but there will be this tiny voice at the back of their head which says “Wait till I get loads of women to chase after me after I finish this!”

Whether you accept it or not, men have this tendency to show off to the women he loves. The thing here is that men are not complimented like women. So when they hear someone complementing them, they feel very good about themselves, and when it comes from the girl they like, they can’t resist falling in love with you. Every guy needs to feel impressive, and he wants to feel that you chose him for a special reason. The following are some of the compliments you can give a guy you like:

“You are such a guy.”

You can use this one any guy, and he will feel so happy about it. Men always love being complimented about their manliness. Saying things like “you are such a guy” will make them feel manlier, and they will feel so happy about it. Any guy loves being associated with being a man. Try to casually slip in that sentence and don’t keep using it quite often.

“I feel safe around you.”

You can use this on the guy you are dating for a while. We just talked about how guys like being associated with masculinity and thus they like to be protective.  You can tell him how happy you feel when you are with him and also say how safe you feel when he is with you. Here you are actually giving him a compliment without him even knowing that it is a compliment.

“The shirt is so sexy; it gives you an added advantage.”

If you are on a date with a guy you like, you can say things like the shirt you are wearing is so sexy, and it gives you an added advantage. Saying things like this will make him feel so happy. He would probably be wearing that shirt for the rest of his life.

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