How to move things after the first date?

Well, he drops you at your house after your very first date. You’ve kissed him goodbye and enter your house with a smile. Wow, you have actually found a guy whom you actually like!! The date went on smoothly, he made you laugh, and you even shared a passionate kiss at the end. But in a day or two, you start to get anxious and worry about how to get him interested. Your brain is constantly thinking if you should text him or wait for him to ask you out again.

One of the scariest parts of falling for someone is when your brain gets the fear of losing that person, and you are under a constant struggle to get his attention at all costs. The following are some of the ways in which you can keep a person interested after the first date:

Let him know that you had fun:


If you really like the guy with whom you went on a date with, then he actually put in efforts to make a good impression on you. So if you have had fun on the first date, let him know that you had a good time. You don’t have to overdo it. Just tell him that you had a great time and that you had a lovely night. When a woman acknowledges that she has enjoyed her evening, she makes a man feel important. It makes him do more of such things quite often.

Keep things light and don’t overdo anything:

Engage in a few texts, and you can also flirt a little bit but don’t sound like you are needy. Do not tell him everything about you on the first date and kill the mystery. Make sure that you leave something which will give him a reason to see you again. Do not waste all your good conversations over WhatsApp or instant messenger. There is no harm in texting him first but at the same time do not do this every time. Let him be the one who starts the conversation so that you will know if he is interested in you.

Keep things fun and flirty:

When you are texting the guy whom you have just dated, you need to make sure that your texts are fun and flirty. No one likes conversations such as “How was your day?” or “What you up to?” Make your conversations interesting and fun. Just try not to over think your every move, things will be just fine and try to be as calm as possible. You can talk about the things you like to do and about the things you are passionate about. If both of you like doing something, then you can plan your second date based on that.

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