Things men want (more than just good looks)

It is true that men are visual creatures and that they crave for beauty like nothing else. They say how men get turned on by what they see and women get turned on by what they hear. But is that all true? There is no wrong in finding pleasure in beauty, but most of us think that is all men are made up of. But there is something more to them. Yes, men do get attracted by looks, but there are several other “long-term qualities” which a man looks in a woman with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life. The following are some of the qualities men look for in a woman:

Men should have the feeling that they will be able to protect you.

Men have this urge to protect the people they love. He might not be the one with the biggest bicep, but you need to create an environment where the guy you like should feel like he needs to protect you. You can casually slip in sentences like “I feel safe around you” or say things like “you know how to take good care of me”. Saying such things will make the guy feel good about you.

Let men know that you think about them:

We all love to know that someone is thinking about us and men are no different. You can tell the guy you are dating that you were thinking about them earlier and it would please them. You can say “I was thinking today about how brilliant you are”. Make sure that you do this only to the guy you have been dating for a while and not to someone whom you’ve just met.

You need to give the impression that you believe in them:

The one thing which men want more than anything in their girlfriends is trust and faith. Men are dying to hear the words “I believe in you” more than “I love you”. So the next time he comes up to you talking about all the plans he has in his life, show your support and tell him that you believe in him.

Show that you believe in yourself:

Being confident is not only a sexy trait for men. Men love women who are confident about themselves. They like it when a woman takes charge of their lives and does everything by themselves. When a woman goes out into the world and embarrasses her independence, it shows that she is confident about herself. You need to put him in a position where you are always open to his help, but there are certain things which you can handle by yourself.

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