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At Rose Petals we live and breathe nude photography. All photos taken by us showcase the female form and beauty like it should be. 

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Since it’s inception in 1980, Rose Petals has worked with popular adult escort agencies and erotica pioneers like Playboy. We aim to please your senses with our work.

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The most charming London escorts

The city of London is the home of varieties with the most beautiful companions to join you for dates and fulfil your deepest and innermost desires. Whether you are a resident or visiting as a tourist or for a business, you will find a hot girl to provide you with discretion, interest, and most importantly, erotic satisfaction.

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Chelsea escorts

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Knightsbridge escorts

Knightsbridge is a high-class agency with incredibly stunning girls for your dates and erotic massage. This is one of the agencies with charming, attractive, and flirting young girls ready to spoil you beyond expectations. You will find saucy escorts who will offer high-end services exceeding your expectations. Escorts from Knightsbridge are excelling in London for incredibly amazing works. Depending on your fancy, you will find a hot escort to jumpstart your sensations and pleasure with professionalism, quality, and high-level services. They look innocent but will turn wild behind the doors.

Kensington escort

A place of gorgeous sexy girls to give you the best quality erotic massage. The choice is yours, but you are assured of a great massage and the kinky styles you prefer. Kensington is a place gorgeous, open-minded girls, who will dominate the bed while fulfilling your expectations to make true your naughtiest dreams. Be it an incall or outcall, Kensington escorts prioritize your needs and assures you unforgettable pleasure. When you visit London, make a call and be at the care of trained, dominant, experienced and sexy Kensington babe.

Bayswater escorts

Do you want to make your dates unique? Whether you want a companion to go for parties or give you a relaxing erotic massage, Bayswater escorts have you covered. These marvellous hot chicks are deliciously baked cakes that every man would wish to have for their dates. With Bayswater escorts, you will have all your fantastic naughty dreams come true. These women have the unmatchable experience to fulfil your innermost desires. You will find these hot girls in every London escorts agency awaiting your call.

Things men want (more than just good looks)

It is true that men are visual creatures and that they crave for beauty like nothing else. They say how men get turned on by what they see and women get turned on by what they hear. But is that all true? There is no wrong in finding pleasure in beauty, but most of us think that is all men are made up of. But there is something more to them. Yes, men do get attracted by looks, but there are several other “long-term qualities” which a man looks in a woman with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life. The following are some of the qualities men look for in a woman:

Men should have the feeling that they will be able to protect you.

Men have this urge to protect the people they love. He might not be the one with the biggest bicep, but you need to create an environment where the guy you like should feel like he needs to protect you. You can casually slip in sentences like “I feel safe around you” or say things like “you know how to take good care of me”. Saying such things will make the guy feel good about you.

Let men know that you think about them:

We all love to know that someone is thinking about us and men are no different. You can tell the guy you are dating that you were thinking about them earlier and it would please them. You can say “I was thinking today about how brilliant you are”. Make sure that you do this only to the guy you have been dating for a while and not to someone whom you’ve just met.

You need to give the impression that you believe in them:

The one thing which men want more than anything in their girlfriends is trust and faith. Men are dying to hear the words “I believe in you” more than “I love you”. So the next time he comes up to you talking about all the plans he has in his life, show your support and tell him that you believe in him.

Show that you believe in yourself:

Being confident is not only a sexy trait for men. Men love women who are confident about themselves. They like it when a woman takes charge of their lives and does everything by themselves. When a woman goes out into the world and embarrasses her independence, it shows that she is confident about herself. You need to put him in a position where you are always open to his help, but there are certain things which you can handle by yourself.

How to move things after the first date?

Well, he drops you at your house after your very first date. You’ve kissed him goodbye and enter your house with a smile. Wow, you have actually found a guy whom you actually like!! The date went on smoothly, he made you laugh, and you even shared a passionate kiss at the end. But in a day or two, you start to get anxious and worry about how to get him interested. Your brain is constantly thinking if you should text him or wait for him to ask you out again.

One of the scariest parts of falling for someone is when your brain gets the fear of losing that person, and you are under a constant struggle to get his attention at all costs. The following are some of the ways in which you can keep a person interested after the first date:

Let him know that you had fun:


If you really like the guy with whom you went on a date with, then he actually put in efforts to make a good impression on you. So if you have had fun on the first date, let him know that you had a good time. You don’t have to overdo it. Just tell him that you had a great time and that you had a lovely night. When a woman acknowledges that she has enjoyed her evening, she makes a man feel important. It makes him do more of such things quite often.

Keep things light and don’t overdo anything:

Engage in a few texts, and you can also flirt a little bit but don’t sound like you are needy. Do not tell him everything about you on the first date and kill the mystery. Make sure that you leave something which will give him a reason to see you again. Do not waste all your good conversations over WhatsApp or instant messenger. There is no harm in texting him first but at the same time do not do this every time. Let him be the one who starts the conversation so that you will know if he is interested in you.

Keep things fun and flirty:

When you are texting the guy whom you have just dated, you need to make sure that your texts are fun and flirty. No one likes conversations such as “How was your day?” or “What you up to?” Make your conversations interesting and fun. Just try not to over think your every move, things will be just fine and try to be as calm as possible. You can talk about the things you like to do and about the things you are passionate about. If both of you like doing something, then you can plan your second date based on that.

Compliments which will get him addicted to you

All of us love being complimented, and guys are no different. If you ever notice how some women have their men eating out of the palm of their hands, then it is all because of the compliments they feed their guys. By doing this, you are not just flattering the guy for no reason. Every compliment you give has a reason behind it, and it will make your relationship stronger.

Men try so hard to impress women, but they will never tell you that. They wear the best cologne, buy a new suit, start a new business and also run that extra mile just to get into good shape. It may seem like they are doing all this for themselves but there will be this tiny voice at the back of their head which says “Wait till I get loads of women to chase after me after I finish this!”

Whether you accept it or not, men have this tendency to show off to the women he loves. The thing here is that men are not complimented like women. So when they hear someone complementing them, they feel very good about themselves, and when it comes from the girl they like, they can’t resist falling in love with you. Every guy needs to feel impressive, and he wants to feel that you chose him for a special reason. The following are some of the compliments you can give a guy you like:

“You are such a guy.”

You can use this one any guy, and he will feel so happy about it. Men always love being complimented about their manliness. Saying things like “you are such a guy” will make them feel manlier, and they will feel so happy about it. Any guy loves being associated with being a man. Try to casually slip in that sentence and don’t keep using it quite often.

“I feel safe around you.”

You can use this on the guy you are dating for a while. We just talked about how guys like being associated with masculinity and thus they like to be protective.  You can tell him how happy you feel when you are with him and also say how safe you feel when he is with you. Here you are actually giving him a compliment without him even knowing that it is a compliment.

“The shirt is so sexy; it gives you an added advantage.”

If you are on a date with a guy you like, you can say things like the shirt you are wearing is so sexy, and it gives you an added advantage. Saying things like this will make him feel so happy. He would probably be wearing that shirt for the rest of his life.